Preschool Piano Course (Ages 6 and under)

Come follow Jonny Keys as he ventures through the world of learning piano. Included in this video course are 12 unique and engaging piano lessons. Each lesson focuses on just one core musical concept, allowing your child to stay engaged and learn the entire time.

With catchy sing-a-long songs and Jonny Keys enchanting personality, you and your child will get to learn the fundamentals of playing the piano together while creating an everlasting bond!

Additionally included with each lesson are printable worksheets with coloring, tracing, matching, and much more! We also include videos for parents to watch before and after every lesson so you can understand the material to assist them during the lesson and practice with them after!

Some key takeaways for your kids:

  • Learning to clap, count, & play different rhythmic patterns with a steady beat
  • Develop and nurture critical sensory skills such as listening, hand and finger independence, and pattern recognition.
  • Foundational piano skills such as name & location of the notes on the piano
  • Playing Songs

Watch the Course Trailer below!

Pictures of our Students...

Highly Interactive!

All lessons are engaging and fun for children to follow along.

Lots of Fun!

Jonny Keys is a natural around children with music. His voice and music is captivating and fun for both boys and girls!


Jonny Keys shows everyone how fun and rewarding piano can be. Early on, the focus is always on the learning process, not the result!


What Parents are Saying...

"Thanks to Digital Piano School, our 4 year old daughter is on her way to mastering basic music concepts and skills. We love how each week’s online lesson is short and interactive - our daughter is thoroughly engaged and interested. She especially loves when “Mr. Jonny Keys” appears each lesson to sing a special song."

- Alison H.

"Our daughter is now 7 years old and started in-person piano with her teacher at school. She’s on her 4th lesson today. She started singing “the quarter note gets one beat…” it was so cute. I love that she had a foundation in piano starting when she was 4 years old with the Jonny Keys course. She’s been doing amazing and it seems like it’s all sort of clicked now that she’s a little older.”

- Courtney T.